Winning: MLG’s 2020 Record Speaks for Itself

Winning is a word that many shy away from in today’s society; even many lawyers shy away from the term. Not here at Mackey Law Group though. Winning is what every litigation case is all about. Clients come to our law firm to win. Many times during 2020 clients came to us because they were being sloughed-off into oblivion and/or asked to settle before trial because the non-Mackey Law Group lawyer they selected was either afraid to try the case or just wasn\’t equipped and/or of the proper expertise to go to trial.

In 2020 Mackey Law Group never missed a beat, even with all the restrictions imposed on us by the COVID virus. Things were always changing, the court system became slow, and lawyers were attempting to use the “Zoom system” to their advantage/to avoid being held accountable. There was rampant stalling on all fronts. Yet, at Mackey Law Group, our clients continued to have their cases pushed and they obtained great results. A few examples of what we handled in 2020 follows:

  • Successfully resolving a case involving a child drowning at an Island residence, which was managed by one of our corporate clients
  • Taking over a case from a non-Mackey Law Group lawyer (who had mishandled the case) involving a wrongful employee termination claim and getting the case favorably resolved for our corporate client
  • Winning/defending a high profile appeal of a 2020 trial verdict we obtained in favor of one of our homebuilder clients
  • Procuring an entire roof at no-charge for one of our Condominium Association clients after the Atlanta-based roofing company had made mistake after mistake installing the roof at condo complex
  • Winning a dispute in Broward County concerning one of our construction clients’ installation of an environmentally required commercial truck washing system
  • Favorably resolving a 10+ count complaint by a Miami subcontractor against one of our state-wide nursing home general contractors
  • Getting the largest pallet supplier in Florida paid-in-full for services and product provided to a well-known agricultural conglomerate based in Manatee and Sarasota Counties
  • Successfully jumping through hoop after hoop to continue forward with a wrongful death claim against a Manatee County hospital, despite insurance defense-lawyer stalling tactics and motion practice
  • Taking over a post-divorce case involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in college education related expenses and winning for our client at the court ordered Special Master hearing.

In addition to the above, Mackey Law Group continued to grow its already established Family Law practice, which is now one of the largest and most successful family law practices in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Our lawyers procured great results for our divorce clients in 2020.We closed-out over 50 family law cases, many of which involved multi-million dollar portfolios and family owned businesses. Our lawyers pushed the other lawyers straight toward trial. As is the usual case, the vast majority of our opposition caved-in; as opposed to facing the prospect of having to go against a Mackey Law Group lawyer in court. This success was the direct result of good lawyering: navigating through Zoom hearings, keeping the discovery process going despite other lawyers and their clients claiming “COVID defenses”, getting our clients’ cases up on the court’s trial dockets, and keeping the pressure on.

2021 is looking even better for Mackey Law Group clients; Winning is a word we openly embrace. There is nothing wrong with being victorious for clients!

Peter J. Mackey

Peter J. Mackey

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