Why Choose Mackey Law Group vs. a Big-Box Firm for Your Personal Injury Case?

Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars advertising on billboards, the back of buses, and obnoxious commercials to get business, Mackey Law Group’s personal injury clients come exclusively from client referrals and/or other attorneys in our community. Because we rely on client referrals, each person we help is never just another case on our lawyer’s desk (or with big firms, the paralegal’s desk). We not only want to achieve the best results for our injured clients, we have to get results to gain the trust and confidence to secure future referrals.

Results are the driving force behind Mackey Law Group negotiating great settlements, arguing in the courtroom, and when necessary trying cases for clients. No matter how small the case, the effort our lawyers set forth is the same.  Conversely, big-box firms need quick dollars from settlements to fuel their heavy advertising costs; this may result in pushing clients into less than favorable settlements.

For example, take a recent case we resolved for a bicyclist client who was involved in an accident with a vehicle. The vehicle driver had very little insurance and the bicyclist had major injuries. We negotiated most of the bicyclist’s medical bills down to nothing and procured additional funds directly from the at-fault driver above his insurance coverage. Our client’s response? “You guys have really gone to bat for me even though my case isn’t a huge money maker for your office.”

Other firms sell their image, we sell our results, and are always willing to review them with potential clients.

Peter J. Mackey

Peter J. Mackey

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