Transfer of Real Property During the Marriage

Having handled thousands of family law cases for over thirty (30) years, Mackey Law Group has seen and resolved a variety of both complex and simple issues.  One such unique issue that has come up repeatedly is the transfer of a home or land (real property) from one spouse to the other, during the marriage. The question our clients ask us “Am I still entitled to a portion of the property?”

Although the black-and-white of this answer can be found in our Florida Statutes, it is never that easy, and is exactly why an experienced lawyer is needed.  There are dozens of previous case opinions, legal arguments, and research articles which provide a specific answer to our client’s question, which is dependent on their specific facts of how/when/why the transfer happened.

Our lawyers don’t just practice family law either. We have a dedicated division of real estate lawyers as well as trial lawyers who practice in business and construction law. If it involves your land or home, Mackey Law Group has likely seen it and won the case.  Our most recent was just this past month for a Wife in Manatee County trial court. Call us today!

Peter J. Mackey

Peter J. Mackey

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