Mackey Law Group Celebrates 30 Years of Winning for Our Clients!

For over 30 years, Mackey Law Group has been winning for its clients, who are the people of Manatee and Sarasota Counties, including businesses and even other law firms. In early 1991, Catherine Mackey went out on her own and started Mackey Law Group. The firm was first opened in a store-front office on 14th Street owned by her uncle Jerry Zoller, AIA, and aunt Rhonda Zoller. Initially, there were just two people at Mackey Law Group: Cathie Mackey, and her receptionist/secretary. They were “connected”, via a cable between the two work stations that went through a hole drilled in the wall. As the Bradenton Herald pointed out in its January 1992 article on Mackey Law Group, there were no filing cabinets, no bookshelves, and the legal books and client files were “organized in neat piles on the floor in the law office’s small conference room”.  Peter Mackey then came from a large law firm to join Cathie and Mackey Law Group took off from there.

Now, 30 years later, Cathie Mackey is the managing partner of the law firm which has its own building occupying the block between 14th Street and 15th Street on 3rd Avenue in downtown Bradenton and boasts 7 lawyers and 7 staff persons. The firm is so busy that it is currently expanding by hiring another lawyer and paralegal. On a fun note, many people who frequent downtown Bradenton also know the firm by its ever-present MLG Golf Cart which transports the firm’s lawyers and clients to and from the courthouse.

And speaking of the courthouse, no local firm has racked-up more courtroom time and more victories for clients over the last 30 years than Mackey Law Group. The firm prides itself on being comprised of 6 real trial lawyers and 2 skilled real estate lawyers. Over the past 30 years, the firm’s lawyers’ performance and skill has established themselves as the go-to lawyers in town; and, even though that statement drives the other lawyers in town crazy, that’s just the plain truth. In 2021 the firm continues to find itself bursting at the seams with clients, continuing to get great litigation results, and performing countless real estate closings each month.

Mackey Law Group looks forward to another 30 years of success. The law firm has great young lawyers and continues to help the people of Manatee County with business disputes, family law matters, serious personal injury cases, civil actions, real estate closings, real estate contracts, and estate planning services/probate litigation. And throughout all of these 30 years, the firm’s perspective has never changed: Results are what the clients want.

As was quoted by the Bradenton Herald 30 years ago:  “Attorneys tend to think they’re doing a client a favor by agreeing to work for the client, but it’s really no different than a gasoline station. If the service isn’t good, you’re going to go somewhere else”.   Nothing has changed here at the law firm as far as our dedication to excellent and aggressive legal representation for our clients is concerned. Let us help you!

Peter J. Mackey

Peter J. Mackey

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