Is Your Spouse Lying About Their Income?

An all too common occurrence in a divorce: One spouse suddenly stop’s working overtime, their business isn’t doing as well, or they “lose” their job. Other times, the breadwinner attempts to retire early, or one spouse claims they are “disabled” and can’t work. These (usually) bogus tactics are geared toward one spouse lowering their income to avoid paying the financial support the other rightfully deserves.

Many attorneys fall prey to such tricks and simply don’t know how to address them. Other attorneys may leave the detective work to “experts” who charge a fortune. At Mackey Law Group, we are no strangers to sneaky spouses. Our attorneys know how to attack and expose these liars in court. We strive to ensure our clients get everything they are entitled to and not a penny less.

If you have any reason to suspect that you are being short-changed by your spouse, or they are lying about their income potential, call us today and speak with one of our attorneys to get the representation you deserve.

Conrado Gomez

Conrado Gomez

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