Estigarribia, Martinez, and Gomez Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

As National Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we remember the diversity and range of what it means to be Hispanic.  The Spanish language is the official language of countries in Europe, South America, North America and the Caribbean.  I personally have roots in Paraguay and Spain.  In thinking about National Hispanic Heritage Month, I fondly remember Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros.  As a child, this Spanish professional golfer was someone that I looked up to and whose personality and style has influenced me in many ways.  One of his many eloquent quotes that still resonates with me is how he describes competitors by stating that “I look into their eyes, shake their hand, pat their back, and wish them good luck, but I am thinking, ‘I am going to bury you.”  He had many other memorable quotes, some funny ones too.  Regardless, the National Hispanic Heritage Month is a fun time to not only look back at those who have come before us but to also look ahead.

  • Jose Estigarribia

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, I take the time to reflect on those citizens whose impact allowed the Hispanic community to live a better life such as Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Maurice Ferre.  I take time to reflect on my own Mexican roots from the southern state of Michoacán and the rich culture and tradition that my family has celebrated for many years. I reflect on what it means to be a first generation American with Hispanic roots living in America and how I can  positively influence the younger Hispanic community and those less fortunate. Finally, I reflect on how incredibly proud I am of my Hispanic roots and how grateful I am to work in a diverse environment with many fine individuals that also make up the Hispanic community here in Manatee County.

  • Conrado Gomez

My parents came to the United Stated in 1980’s fleeing the Guatemalan civil war and in search of better opportunities for themselves. During National Hispanic Heritage Month I remember my roots in Guatemala and Spain, and remember the sacrifices my parents made in raising their children in a foreign land to provide us with the opportunities to flourish that they themselves did not have. In no small part, my success is due to the melting pot of people that make up our great country. As an attorney, I am proud to be able to provide representation to my Spanish speaking clients in the legal arena and provide opportunities to those who have made Manatee County their home.

  • Jorge Martinez
Conrado Gomez

Conrado Gomez

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