Don’t Let Your Spouse Financially Strangle You in Your Divorce

A vengeful spouse can make your divorce unnecessarily costly.  If you are thinking about filing for divorce then start separating your money now, before filing.  You can take half the money in any joint account; but make sure you can document the amount.  If you take the entire amount be prepared to pay back half.

Once the divorce is filed, it can take months before obtaining a temporary relief hearing.   A temporary relief hearing is where you are advanced-money from the court.  The relief typically includes (but is not limited to) temporary alimony/spousal support, child support and/or attorneys’ fees. In other words, money you need to live on while you get divorced. To get such a hearing, you have to complete certain financial discovery and get a hearing before a judge; all of that takes time and money.  Some courts even require mediation before having a temporary relief hearing.

All of the above can cause delay before you are able to get any money.  A vengeful spouse can financially strangle you if you’re not prepared beforehand.  If you have questions regarding divorce do not hesitate to contact the experienced lawyers at Mackey Law Group.

Jose Estigarribia

Jose Estigarribia

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