Attorney Martinez goes 3-3 in early June 2022, crushing the opposition! One trial is even conducted in Spanish.

MLG lawyer Jorge Martinez has started his June 2022 in a big way. First, Jorge completed a trial where the other side was seeking to claim an interest in a local restaurant. The ex-husband was claiming that his wife and mother-in-law colluded together to cut him out of the family restaurant. The husband lawyered-up and sued his wife and mother-in-law. This commercial litigation trial was presided over by Manatee County Circuit Court Judge Edward Nicholas. After a day of trial, the verdict came quickly: total victory for Jorge’s clients, the husband got no interest in the restaurant. In addition, all testimony in this trial was completely in Spanish. The Judge used an interpreter procured by attorney Martinez.

Next, Jorge spear-headed a very contested timesharing contempt hearing in a case where the ex-husband was withholding the son from timesharing with MLG’s client, the ex-wife. The result: MLG’s client prevailed. Jorge procured a verdict that the ex-wife went to 50/50 time sharing and she got a ruling that the ex-husband was to immediately bring the minor son to the ex-wife, and she was to have 45 straight days of make-up timesharing, to the exclusion of the ex-husband.

Jorge next rounded-out his mid-June 2022 by successfully arguing/defending an appeal of a lower court ruling that Jorge had procured for MLG at the trial court level. The losers (two different parties) appealed the trial court ruling to the Florida Second District Court of Appeal. Here at MLG we do not sub-out appeals, our lawyers do them in-house and we are good at them, only losing once in over 30 years. Jorge wrote both appellate answer briefs and then argued before a panel of three appellate Judges in Tampa, Florida.

Here at Mackey Law Group our lawyers are true working lawyers. We push cases to trial, and we are very public as to our great results. So, if you are looking for an experienced and assertive litigator, or if you are dissatisfied with your current “litigator” because he/she is not providing you with the type of representation our lawyers provide, call us.

Peter J. Mackey

Peter J. Mackey

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