36 Family Law matters, involving over $25 Million in Assets, concluded so far this year!

Family Law cases should never linger in the court system. These cases need to be aggressively pushed to conclusion and your lawyer needs to know how to do that. We think that MLG’s Family Law lawyers simply are the best litigators around. Just since January 1, 2020, MLG’s Family Law lawyers have pushed and concluded 36 divorce-related cases. These cases concerned, and resulted in the transfer of, over $25 million in assets. MLG’s Family Law clients get what they are entitled to.

At MLG, we have six veteran lawyers that handle any Family Law case that is presented to us. MLG’s lawyers are courtroom litigators, not your typical paper-lion attorney who says he/she can try a case; but, rarely ever does. MLG’s lawyers handle all Family Law situations that arise, our lawyers go to court, our lawyers value businesses/assets, and most importantly our lawyers try cases and win.

By having the sheer volume of Family Law cases that come through our firm, our lawyers: (i) know their way through the court system; (ii) get our clients fast results; and (iii) are always prepared for whatever issue comes up. In fact, MLG’s Family Law lawyers have over 100 years of experience handling divorce-related cases. Give any of the below MLG lawyers a call (941-746-6225) and see what we can do for you:

Pete Mackey
Catherine Mackey
Jose Estagaribbia
Jorge Martinez



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